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Below is a picture of us in a hotel in Bettendorf, Iowa.  These people are (from left to right)
Bill, Kathy (Bill's wife), Glen, my wife Koleen, and me.  Glen and I met in seventh grade, and
Bill and I officially met in our first year of high school.  He claims that he first knew who I was
when I stepped on his foot in eighth grade and kept right on walking without ever noticing
he was there!


Below are some pictures of my oldest friend!  By this I don't mean that of all my friends he has
been alive the longest, what I mean is that I have known him the longest.  We met in kindergarten,
and no way am I going to say how many years ago that was!  These pictures were taken at my
wedding, and in the last two pictures the tall guy with him is yours truly.


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